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Strategy, Innovation and Incubation Center


About us

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, RollingEdge is a technology enabled corporate strategy firm specifically focused on Healthcare sector.  We are a  new breed of integrated firm that bring in value added services to our customers realize the value within themselves and in every project they undertake – through creative strategies and techniques. We offer services that brings in streamlined Operating process for increased throughput, reduced bottlenecks with effective cost control.

Effective Integrated Strategies

​With a strong technology background and infrastructure, RollingEdge utilizes standard set of industry tools along with right blend of proprietary technology frameworks  to capture and monitor real-time data for strategic review process.  

​Seasoned Management Team

RollingEdge is headed and supported by highly qualified management team and advisors of international presence, caliber and network. With numerous years of seasoned experience from the industry supported by top notch technical and business education from distinguished institutions around the world, Our team of experts can help you to cope with industry changes and challenges and stay competitive.

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