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Who are we ?


Headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, RollingEdge is a new breed of global integrated corporate strategy firm that focuses on Mid-Market Customers. Our main focus is to assist businesses with growth and turnaround with an end-to-end implementation approach. We utilize creative and effective strategies, high end technology tools and ground breaking innovation.

Leveraging our seasoned education, analytical skills, International presence, Engineering/ Management capabilities, Product Development experience, market knowledge, qualified workforce, our approach is unique to each customer that we represent based on their situation and need.

We help companies outperform their industry rivals by instilling innovation into the core of the organization. We work closely with our clients to identify, develop and act on profitable growth opportunities and game-changing business strategies.


To establish a reputed, reliable Corporate Strategy Practice with a 24X7 support system - bringing rule-breaking innovation and maturity to our customer's door step. We aspire to emerge as a dependable and responsible firm - bringing breaking innovation and maturity at every step to our customer's door step.


Offer an affordable and innovative continuous improvement assistance from all corporate aspects and value chain enabling our customers to grow, build self-reliance, adaptable, yet completely Lean. Leverage our highly reliable extended intellectual workforce, processes and tools to serve our clients in their journey of growth/ turnaround, Enable them to re-capture the market share they deserve locally and in international market.

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