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RollingEdge focuses on middle market customers. Our ideal customers are those who have experienced loss of revenue and customers, high erosion levels due to over-investment, being in wrong market, decline in the profit margins, underlined EAI problems and any other failures exposing them to serious risk, costing them market market share. Even though, we seek SMBs with revenues of $300 million and closer, we are a strong alternative for large customers as well, who are looking for a better change. We help these customers to invest, divest and diversify, around the world for growth or turn-around their operations.

We strongly believe that Product and Service innovations go together. Vital factor to consider during innovation is "Timeline to Launch" and competiveness of your product. Every day, you delay your product launch, you are losing your hold on the market and lose more opportunity revenues.Don't think you are the first or your product is the best in the market, without trusting your guts to go out and explore the market. Eventhough, you don't have to have the first mover advantage, your innovativeness in offering may put you well ahead. Trust RollingEdge, we put you ahead of your competitors; by helping launch your thoughts and ideas within a defined time. 

We spin the wheel for you and prevent you from re-inventing.

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