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Pricing : Optimization - Models and Simulation

Pricing is a tricky business. You're certainly entitled to make a fair profit on your product, and even a substantial one if you create value for your customers. But remember, something is ultimately worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. Pricing is a key component of corporate strategy for growth. Determining the right pricing requires a detailed analysis of your value proposition, competition, consumer trends, buying patterns and then managing your COGS.

RollingEdge matches your pricing to your value proposition. We achieve this by optimizing your pricing to align with your brand and profit goals, Your competitor prices/cost model, your defined market's buying pattern, loyalty etc and develop a price sensitivity chart based on those analytics. This we will apply for your entire product portfolio. Our simulation models help you predict how various pricing of COGS and promotion scenarios will impact your sales and profits, Supply Chain and help you in realizing the profit you deserve and clarify the shopper’s perception of your brand. We can introduce you to a new markets if needed to capture the revenue and the profitability.

Life Cycle Price Optimization

Our Life Cycle Price Optimization program leverages and considers all these factors, customer demand and advance science to help retailers price right every day, as well as for promotions and markdown events.With sophisticated pricing science that evaluates and predicts consumer shopping behavior, retailers can build and execute a retail pricing strategy that improves revenue, profit, and customer loyalty.


{ Achieve revenue, profit and customer loyalty }
{ See significant 10-20% sales improvements, profit improvements, and gross margin gains. )
{ Demand-driven promotion and Markdowns. }

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