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Coordinated Value we bring in

Channel Partners are an integral part of RollingEdge. We are not resellers rather strategic integrators. Through our channels we not only deliver the quality and lower cost, we bring innovation to our customer's door step. 

We identify and seek partners who add innovative value to our organization. We maintain vested interest and help these organizations growing from the financial, operational, governance, product marketing and Strategy point of view. 'RollingEdge' branded products contribute the best value, integration and cost-reduction to our customer's programs.  Our product base is accessed and evaluated based on extensive market study and practice focus.


Currently,  we have effective solutions in the areas of Energy, RFID based systems for Supply-chain and Facility management and security systems, Output management and hospital management systems.


If you are a innovation focused company, and want to be part of our Channel Value program, contact us at

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